Any Size Skip Bins

Skip Bin Hire

When your home or business has a lot of scrap metal to dispose of, we’ll provide a skip bin hire for you to gather it all together in your own time.

We have a large range of skip bins, marrel bins and hook bins available for free drop off, ranging from 2 cubic metres to 34 cubic metres, so there’s one to suit your needs.

Skip Bins

We’ll provide a standard skip bin in the size that’s most suitable for your requirements. We’ll drop it off free of charge, and pick it up when you notify us that it’s full and the contents are ready to be recycled.

 Marrel Bins

Marrel bins are large metal boxes like open storage containers that are delivered on one of our trucks. They’re lifted and lowered from the back of the truck and usually take up no more space than a large car.

Hook Bins

Hook bins are longer, with lower sides and a rear tailgate that opens so you can easily drive a bobcat or another type of loader right up to the bin to deposit your scrap metal.

Skip Bin Hire Brisbane

Just call one of our friendly staff on 3386 1477, or contact us online for expert advice on what size skip bins best suits your requirements, and to book a skip bin drop off.

We have two convenient locations, so if you’re not in Brisbane, our skip bin hire Rockhampton may be more suitable.