Resale Yard

At QLD Metal Recyclers, we buy scrap metal at great prices. Much of the metal scrap we buy is broken down, recycled and used for other purposes, but often we come across metal items that can be used again as they are.

We offer these items a second life at bargain prices in our resale yard.

Come and Find a Bargain

Our metal recycling services include different ways of repurposing our metal scrap, and our resale yard is where you’ll find all sorts of useful metal items at great prices.

If you’re looking for steel plate to fix a trailer, fence posts and beams, or offcuts of stainless steel and aluminium to fix your boat, we’ll have it for you. We often stock pallet racking, nuts and bolts, power tools and fencing material, so you never know what you’ll find.

We can save you a lot of money when you buy from us instead of buying new from your metal supplier, and almost everyone loves to hunt for a bargain.

We update our list of resalable products regularly on this page so whatever it is you need, check back and you’re sure to find it.

You can call us on 07 3804 7555 to check for new items and confirm prices, or contact us online and we’ll get straight back to you.